DeveloperHUB™ is much more than a CRM

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DeveloperHUB™ is much more than a CRM

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DeveloperHUB™ puts you the individual and the centre of its solution. Built using SugarCRM, an award winning platform with more than a million people around the world relying on this every day to transform their business.


The term Customer relationship management software, or CRM, gets thrown around far too commonly and is often used to describe any enterprise software system that more or less enhances the way we manage contacts. Thus, a well-designed Excel sheet could be a CRM.


That said, it isn’t right to call DeveloperHUB™ just a CRM. It’s so much more. DeveloperHUB™ is the next generation in real estate CRM’s designed to simplify your day whilst empowering you to drive high touch connections and insights that facilitate customer excellence over the complete customer lifecycle.


DeveloperHUB™ caters to property developers, builders, large real estate agencies, project marketers and franchise groups who are seeking an end to end solution.


The “enterprise version” of DeveloperHUB™ allows for agent and buyer portals where buyers can see the progress of their purchase and the agents can see live pricing and make reservations online and in real time.


The features set in DeveloperHUB™ are generous, with task assignments, lead management, listing inventory management, buyer profiles, email tools, calendar, intricate search functionality and granular reporting.


You will be a fan of how simple DeveloperHUB™ programmers have made it to manage an entire transaction. All your leads are captured automatically into your database, leaving you more time to focus on your sales pipeline and those customers which are qualified & ready to buy. This allows you to engage with your customers at the right time, helping you close more deals faster.


With a 360 degree insight into your clients buying patterns you will know what matters to your clients and when it matters. View a complete client activity history across all methods of communication. Learn what matters to your clients and when to engage with them using smarter account intelligence based on cross-channel and social media activity.


Thus, an entire transaction can be managed via AgentHUB™, not just the name and number of the person you spoke to.


Close contracts quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Keep buyers, agents, brokers, developers and builders in the loop ensuring every user across your contract has what they need to expertly engage. From sales advices, Offer & Acceptance, finance applications, Build contract, PPA’s and more, AgentHUB™ best of breed CRM platform equips your business with the rapid contract insight and real-time collaboration necessary to convert contracts into sales every time.


AgentHUB™ is easy to use. Everything is right up front, visually ergonomic and very much relational, meaning a note you add about a listing client’s phone call will appear in each instance of that contact’s record. You can jump around cleanly amongst the records and transaction milestones and quickly find what it is you need.


Lastly, there are an array of additional tools you can add on to AgentHUB™. You can connect to google drive, Gmail, iCal, Microsoft Outlook,, Dropbox and loads more. AgentHUB™ is much more a real estate office management system than it is a CRM.


About our Company


AgentHUB™ is an innovator and provider of real estate CRM software solutions. An Australian company providing solutions for real estate agents, builders and property developers. Our specialty is providing an end to end solution for our clients that are Easy, Powerful & Mobile.


Feel free to contact us directly to discuss your real estate CRM requirements.

Phone No. 02 8011 3091


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